Allstate Finally Releases Development Documents For Its “Boxing Gloves” Claims Adjusting Program

Allstate has finally made public its controversial “McKinsey Documents” which describe the development of its self-described “radical” claims handling program. Allstate made these documents public just days after a Florida court affirmed an order from the Florida Division of Insurance prohibiting Allstate from writing any new business in that state until it produced those documents to the Division of Insurance there. Download file The Alaska Personal Injury Law Group already has a copy of many of the McKinsey Documents, having obtained a court order requiring Allstate to produce them in litigation pending in Alaska. From these documents and other sources, the Alaska Personal Injury Law group is familiar with Allstate’s self-described “radical” claims program designed by the international business consulting firm McKinsey & Company. According to Allstate records, this program has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in additional profit for Allstate’s shareholders and executives. The program, called Claims Core Process Redesign or “CCPR,” had three key components: (1) discouraging claimants from hiring attorneys because McKinsey’s extensive closed-claim study showed that represented claimants, even after adjusting for the same type of claim, were paid far more than unrepresented claimants; (2) arbitrarily and systematically depressing claim valuations through a centrally “tuned” claims evaluation computer program with the not-so-friendly name of “Colossus;” and (3) vigorously litigating against claimants who did not submit to Allstate’s new arbitrarily-lowered claim valuations (candidly called the “Boxing Gloves” treatment by McKinsey and Allstate, as contrasted with the “Good Hands” treatment given to claimants who agreed to Allstate’s valuations). For the last 10 years, Allstate has doggedly refused to produce the McKinsey Documents in cases alleging bad faith claims handling. In the few cases in which courts have ordered Allstate to produce the McKinsey Documents (like one currently being handled by the Alaska Personal Injury Law Group), the court imposed strict confidentially rules based on Allstate’s claim that the documents were allegedly important trade secrets. Allstate produced 12,929 pages of McKinsey Documents to the Alaska Personal Injury Law Group under protective order. The Alaska Injury Law Group is now looking forward to using these documents without the burdensome confidentiality restrictions previously advocated by Allstate.

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