Getting All The Evidence Is Key To Successful Insurance Claims

Alaska Personal Injury Law Group attorneys have waged many legal battles to force Allstate to produce documents that are relevant to insurance “bad faith” claims against the insurer by injured Alaskans. These claims have alleged that Allstate unfairly and unreasonably delayed and “low balled” their personal injury insurance claims. Significantly, the Florida Department of Insurance, Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) recently suspended Allstate’s license to write new insurance in that state because Allstate refused to produce documents requested by the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) regarding Allstate’s claim practices. That suspension order was recently affirmed by the Florida Court of Appeals, which wrote that “Allstate’s willful, indeed potentially criminal, failure to comply with its disclosure obligations has prevented OIR from adequately investigating its reasoned belief that Allstate is systematically defrauding its policyholders.” Allstate Floridian, et. al. v. Office of Insurance Regulation, 2008 WL 2048349 (Fla. App., May 14, 2008) Forcing the insurer to produce the relevant documents is key to any successful insurance “bad faith” case. We have often gone back to court repeatedly to ensure that we get the evidence injured insureds need to prove their claim. We are encouraged by the Florida court’s firm stance on this issue.

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