Mr. O’Donnell inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers

Mr. O’Donnell recently received the honor of being one of the few Alaska attorneys to be inducted as a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers.

“The American College of Trial Lawyers, founded in 1950, recognizes the very best trial lawyers from the United States and Canada. The College’s Fellows are chosen strictly by invitation and only after a rigorous and lengthy investigation. The candidate must be identified as a highly skilled trial lawyer in the opinion of judges and practitioners, and as a person whose ethics, moral standards and collegiality are above reproach. Fellowship is limited to one percent of the lawyers in any individual State or Province, and the candidate must have practiced for at least 15 years.”

“The names included on the roster of the College are indicative of the College’s make-up. Every current Justice of the United States and Canadian Supreme Courts save one is an honorary member, having accepted Fellowship at a national meeting of the College. That one is Justice Suzanne Côté, a Judicial Fellow from Montreal, Canada, who was inducted as a Fellow prior to leaving private practice for the Court. Past Presidents of the College include such outstanding lawyers as former Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell and former United States Attorney General Griffin Bell.”

Qualified lawyers are called to Fellowship in the College from all branches of trial practice. They are selected from among advocates who represent plaintiffs or defendants in civil proceedings of all types, as well as prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers.

Congratulations to Mr. O’Donnell!

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